game ball

  1. Native American Game Ball/Marble Identification Needed

    Hello, I found this nearly perfect sphere in Virginia on high ground off the James River where I’ve found numerous Native American artifacts. The white arrowhead in the photo was found the same day just 10 yards away. The sphere is very heavy/dense for its size, which leads me to believe it...
  2. Clay Marbles or....?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify what these are. I've found about 15 of them so far in my backyard in the city of Wyoming, Michigan. According to what history I could find about this area, there were Native American settlements prior to European arrival. The land behind my...
  3. Game Pieces?

    Hey, I know its been a year and a day, but I'm back! This time I got a questions for ya'll. It seems that I see a lot of people posting round geofacts and asking... "Is this some kind of game piece?". And so far, 10/10 times, the answer is NO. So, my question for you wonderful people is this...
  4. Biggest game ball I've ever found!

    I found this in a ravine creek on my bosses land.