garrett ace 350

  1. Help--ACE 350 Wrong Depth?

    My new Ace 350 shows everything as 8in plus even when target is on or just below the surface. Is it broke or is there some way to fix it? Ol Matt
  2. Metal Detecting: Jewelry with the Garrett Ace 350

    This video is about metal detecting with the Garrett Ace 350. If you ever wondered what kinds of treasure a park might hold then watch this video. Please look me up on Facebook and Pinterest and sub me there for more metal detecting fun.
  3. Real Detecting With The Garrett Ace 350

    Real Detecting With The Garrett Ace 350 is what metal detecting is really like. None of that fake TV stuff here. Let your heart rise and fall as a live dig takes place.
  4. First Silver Coin on the Garrett Ace 350

    Today I found my first silver while metal detecting. I have been detecting in a park near where I live for the past few days and have only found pennies and a clad Texas quarter. But tonight, I found a 1946 Roosevelt dime. I do not own a pinpointer, so I had to use the pinpointing feature on my...
  5. what is this here also

    i found this, it must be some kind of boy scouts piece but not sure, thanks