garrett pro pointer

  1. 3 minute video of me finding nice 1901 IH penny.

    This is me finding a great condition IH penny at a local park:
  2. HOW did I get along withOUT it?

    :hello2:Just got my Garrett Pro Pointer and HOT DANG DIDDY! It's SO COOL! Saves LOADS of time & labor! Do yourself a favor if you don't have one. OMG. GET ONE. It will save your back and your sanity!:laughing7:
  3. Sterling Ring

    With my new Garrett Pro Pointer at my side I went back to the soccer field I found a gold band in two days ago and picked up a sterling silver ring today. My first silver ring. I only had to pull 30-40 pop tops to find it today! Also a few bucks in clad more rifle casings ??? It's a city park...
  4. First Post, First Gold Ring, First day with a new tool....Sweet

    So first off, hello all, I've been lurking around like may others and detecting for the last 4 months with a Minelab X-Terra 705 and filling my pockets with clad coins, junk jewlery, literally 100's of bullets and BB's, and now finally a 14K Gold Ring with 3 canardly diamonds (so small you can...