1. Gasparilla !!!

    Hey all, It's your TV producer friends again...wondering if anyone believes Jose Gaspar has lost treasure in Florida or other states. Any legend of missing treasure that ties to Gasparilla/Juan Gomez? Appreciate you all very much
  2. Florida Wreck - Captiva and Sanibel Islands

    Happy Friday hunters, anyone know about a rumored wreck in Mid Florida (somewhere between Captiva and Sanibel Islands)? Appreciate any tips or insights :hello2:
  3. Jose Gaspar - A Real Pirate?

    Was there really a pirate named Jose Gaspar? I have never found any real evidence he lived. Does anyone found evidence to the contrary? Was he a real pirate? Just for an example, I did not find any reference to such a person in The Pirates of the New England Coast 1630-1730 by Dow and...
  4. Port Charlotte Harbor Treasure Sites

    I just moved to this area and intend to hunt for artifacts in the Cape Haze area. I have a boat so some of the islands are doable. Would be willing to take fellow seekers along. There must be known sites in the area to hunt.