1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Gold button?

    Hello all! New to metal detecting here. I’ve had wonderful luck with a few early 1800s sites. The most recent site produced a beautiful gilt button. The picture doesn’t do the back justice, in person you can clearly read the company name on the back “Bennet & Burnham”. Anyone have any further...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Sporting Button Date/History Help

    Good morning! I was wondering if any of you button experts could help me with this one. I've seen a bunch of stag buttons online but can't pinpoint when this dates back to. I believe it say "Floyd & Co" on the back but I'm not totally sure. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Need help on back half of 2 piece button

    Would like to know if anybody has an idea as to age of this button. If it can be done by the back marks.. Here is a photo of it It has GILT stars on it I think first two letters are TE