gold bug 2


    First timer. Gold Bug 2. Little creek not far from where I live. Spent about an hour in the creek using the detector and the pan. Not sure if I found gold, but there were a couple of yellow specks I saw but couldn't recover. Plenty of black sand. Found some junk. Here's what I learned: 1. Wear...
  2. 24 hr's of GOLD MINING MADNESS! Lode Gold Mines and Metal Detecting

    I dig deep on my quest for 7 Gold Nuggets💪 We explore multiple lode gold mines and metal detect! I'm on a mission this trip. The intense search and hunting is what gold prospecting is all about. These explorations lead to me finding some tremendously rich mining claims and gold ore⛏
  3. I DID IT! - Metal Detecting GOLD NUGGETS - Gold Bug

    We're back on the GOLD and let me tell you, IT FEELS GREAT! 🌵got me but the gold was worth it😲These are my first Arizona Nuggets🙌
  4. Goal 7 Gold Nuggets, Detecting Base Camp

    This is my first Metal Detecting Base Camp of the trip and we have set a goal of finding 7 gold nuggets💪 We get into some cactus🌵 critters and endless adventure⛺️ Come along for the ride. ride!
  5. Iron ore everywhere

    Hi all, I live in Labrador West. We have 2 very big iron ore mines in the area. My question is... Is it possible to use a "gold" metal detector to find gold nuggets/flakes in such and iron ore rich area? I am thinking of getting the fisher gold bug 2 or the garrett at gold metal detector. And i...
  6. Detector Dowsing, Have you ever tried?

    Saw the dowsing rods under my truck seat and couldn't help but give it a shot. I actually have some faith in dowsing rods for certain things but this is the first time I tried to locate detectable gold with them. Do we have any real success stories out there? Got one sweet find this trip! Stay...
  7. My Goldbug II Finds so far..

    I just noticed this thread so I thought id share some finds. Found all these on Vancouver Island, BC within about 5 meters of eachother under a boulder!
  8. SoCal Noob

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and to metal detecting. I am a CEC (Corporate Executive Chef) for a small chain of restaurants in Southern California. I love to go on off-road adventures in my 1998 Land Cruiser. I am often accompanied by my long time girlfriend and our two young boys. I...