gold detecting

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  2. Finding Placer Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar

    Finding Placer Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar Armed with a Breaker Bar and a Minelab SDC 2300, a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to the Gravel Bar to finish up the search for Placer Gold Nuggets !!!!! Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it...
  3. Minelab vs White's You decide

    Gold Detector face off Minelab SDC 2300 vs the White's TDI Both Metal Detectors are Pulse induction and yes there is a big price difference between the two. I'm not picking a winner or a loser just showing some Gold Missed by one and found by the other !!! Both Machine's were ran by the same...
  4. Gold Detecting with Two Toe’s

    Jeff and Gary head to the California Mother lode in search of Gold Nuggets left behind by the 49er's . The search takes them up hwy 49 to a friends private Mining Claim were the hunt begins. Gary breaks out his New Minelab SDC 2300 Metal detector and starts the adventure... The guy's meet up...
  5. Iron ore everywhere

    Hi all, I live in Labrador West. We have 2 very big iron ore mines in the area. My question is... Is it possible to use a "gold" metal detector to find gold nuggets/flakes in such and iron ore rich area? I am thinking of getting the fisher gold bug 2 or the garrett at gold metal detector. And i...
  6. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets

    Gold Prospector's Jeff ( Smithsgold ) and Gary ( Two Toes ) Head to the Hills in search of rare Gold Nuggets. Watch and see who gets the most Gold and the Biggest Nugget. SG 010
  7. Is a Low VLF Detector Sensitive to Gold?

    Low vs High Frequency Detectors fro Detecting Gold In another thread, the issue was raised as to whether a low VLF detector can detect gold as well as a high VLF detector? In an earlier thread on TreasureNet, someone had noted last year (?) that when they compared their low VLF detector to...
  8. Pegasus Mine in Cassia County, ID

    Anyone have experience detecting around the Pegasus Mine in Idaho? From some state info I found, Idaho Management Area 57 is open to limited gold mining, but I'd appreciate any "local knowledge" that you might be willing to share :icon_thumleft:
  9. Specimen in highly mineralized ground

    Recently I was using my old whites Vsat GM3 downslope from an outcropping, high in the mtns of Northern Calif. It was a terrible place to hunt No trash but hot ground all over. Then I hit on a solid sound . as if it were a 30.06 cartridge case.A solid and clear signal. I soon had it out of...
  10. empty lot park detecting post 2

    this is the image of the parking lot. in the first pic the green is the park and the lot shown in the second pic is the parking lot which in the first pic is not shown as part of the park. there for the rules of the park shall not apply. does anyone fallow my logic.