gold ring!!

  1. Class ring found, now to find the owner!! My first!!!

    Swinging my CMPRO at my latest top secret jewelry spot and I got a solid nickel signal that was bouncing back to foil a bit. When this beast of a ring came out of the plug I was really excited, it's 10k white gold. I've always wanted to do a ring return and I finally have my chance and I owe it...
  2. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Class Ring Found

    Folks, I picked up a Whites DFX-300 a few weeks ago and I'm trying to build up my hours on the box to improve my proficiency. So today I went out to an old site that I've hit hard with a buddy or two over the years. I was aiming to pick up some civil war lead. While this spot has slowed down...