great seal button

  1. Great seal buttons

    I found these about 100 yards and 2 months apart! The big one is a Horstmann Philadelphia 1893-1935 and the small one which I found today is an American Button Co. 1901-1920.
  2. My First Great Seal Button

    I found a place in town where an old house had recently been demolished and did a little digging after asking the neighbors (good enough). It started off pretty slow with a bunch of modern clad some keys a Zippo lighter and 3 wheat pennies. Then the neighbor and I had a good little chat as he...
  3. Button found at Belle Grove Plantation, birthplace of James Madison

    We are looking for some help in identifying a button we found at Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia. We think it is a WH Horsetmann Great Seal button, but we are trying to date the period it could be from. The back is missing so we don't have a way to date it that way. From the...