1. Yikes--war experts? Think we've got a live something--1683 Property, Mass

    Hi friends, John just dug this. It has a wick in it and the pin pointer makes a really high-pitched sound when touched. Some type of grenade? Found it deep in the stream. No idea as to age. Thanks for looking. -Lisa & John UPDATE--after rinsing, we think it is in active because it is filled...
  2. Dangerous ordnance and more AMAZING stuff! BOMBastic treasures :)

    Hi again :) I have made a second compilation. This time with ordnance we found. It isn't everything we found, but some of the videos are lost. Enjoy ;)
  3. Door Knob...Grenade Fragment...Other?

    Hello! Our first post here. This was dug up via metal detector on a 1683 property in Massachusetts. At various points over the centuries, the property was used as a tavern/boarding house, complete with blacksmith, farrier, 60-stall barn, etc. There was also a schoolhouse on the property at one...
  4. Civil War GRENADE?!?

    To begin, this is my first post, so please forgive if it's overly long... I picked this up at a local estate sale, where an old collector had passed away and his family was selling his vast collection of just about everything under the sun...! Among the items I wasn't lucky enough to purchase...