1. Guys asked for some dirt, so here it is!

    Today we dive deep into the bowels of the earth and pull out some virgin lode gold vein material to process. These hardrock veins are the motherlode gold source of placer deposits nearby. Some prospectors asked for lode material to process at home so here it is
  2. Let's Crush Ore! (part 3) MOTHERLODE GOLD Prospecting, it's getting exciting!

    🍂Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Gold Diggers! May you and your families stay happy and healthy! I am thankful for my family, my extended gold family and for the freedoms I have that allow me to pursue my passions and dreams in life! Thank You for your continued support! We did it! Struck Gold...
  3. US Assayers Got any recommendations?

    Hey guys. I'm looking for recommendations for assayers. Simple gold and silver assays. Prices keep rising and many places have minimum order requirements. Must have's: -Professional -Reliable -Print out report or email but has to be on a professional looking assay sheet -Under $48 I've used...
  4. Evening star mine, BLM, Redding Ca

    Has anyone any info on Lode mines in this area of BLM acreage.. north of Redding ca. Access etc ...[ you know what I mean, we have all been there. ] Thanks, B
  5. Hard rock mining tool..Anyone know what for?

    OK so I was looking at a Sierra mine (the Kentucky) and pictures posted were normal except this! , why all the heat dissemination? looks like they were trying to get rid of heat in water,, but ushually they were using boilers! odd no?? anyone know what it is?