harmonica reeds

  1. 1890's Blob-Top Beer Bottle + Others

    1890's Blob-Top Beer Bottle + Others

    The bottles include: 1. H. Straehle of New Rochelle, N.Y. 2. Solution Citrate of Magnesia 3. Theo Young of 165th & 166th St Union Ave N.Y. 4. Bailis Bros. of Mt. Vernon (Registered 1929) 5. Mt. Vernon Dairy Co. Inc. of Irvington, N.J. 6. Coca-Cola of New Bern, North Carolina
  2. Short Saturday and Sunday Hunt at Old Farm House

    I hunted my aunt's and uncle's old farm house this weekend. Not much was found except for junk. I did manage to find two harmonica reeds however. A U.M.C. CO. No. 10 shot gun shell was found also. Only wheat was a 1954 D, and 40 cents total. Missed silver by one year on the quarter:sadsmiley...