1. yesterdays finds - need help w/ ID

    yesterday's finds - need help w/ ID Hunted a creek yesterday and found a savannah river, a big piece of pottery, a quartz guilford and a plate shard. Am wondering if the quartz piece could've been a hatchet head? The other two big rocks are probably just paperweights, but wanted to post just...
  2. Found this hatchet head--any advice?

    We found this hatchet head at the beach this weekend. We're not collectors so we have no idea how to ID it, clean it, research it, etc. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
  3. Ancient Bronze hatchet and much all!

    1.Buckle (From where?) 2. Buttons: a. button and a gorgeous sitef and metal flower in the middle b. 2 WWII German shirt buttons c. 1 button but military?? I do not know details 3. Coin: a. I think one coin is Austrian who sees a writing head and maybe someone can identify b. unidentifiable...