1. Identification - quartz and hematite?

    I found this on a beach near Otter Ferry, Scotland. I'm inexperienced at identification so I was hoping someone else knew the answer. To me it looks like quartz with some sort of iron/hematite in the middle, but what do I know? :laughing7: I'm particularly interested in what the brown wavy stuff...
  2. Quartz, iron?

    I spotted this on a beach near Otter Ferry, Scotland. I can only assume it's quartz with hematite or something inside, but I'm new to identifying minerals and such so not really sure how to figure this stuff out.
  3. Cubed shaped metallic formation inside of hematite...🤔

    Ok I need to know if this is something anyone else has come across and can tell me what it is. I found four very heavy hematite like rocks i guess but I can see different mineralization on two of them. One I think magnatite and the rest I'm not sure. Two look burned and more colorful. But...
  4. Help on identifying this? Thought it might be a meteorite

    Has some kind of fusion crust, it's metallic and produces black-reddish brown powder when filed, any ideas on what it is, also thought it could be hematite, but it's not magnetic
  5. Hematite?

    I went to the East Fork river, known for gold, silver, platinum, and an assortment of other things. These made it through my sluice, and were at the end of my pan with the black sands when I panned my concentrates at home. They have a nice luster, and leave a silver streak with maybe a little...