historic aerials

  1. So do i track down the living relatives?

    I had about an hour to kill after work Friday. So i tried to think of a place i could go that didn't require a long hike in the woods first. One of the first places that popped into my mind was this old house foundation right next to the road, in the town i grew up in. Local legend says there...
  2. historic aerials errors

    I have been using historic aerials to locate old buildings. I notice a error on some maps of 100 -200 feet between the location of a building on the aerial photo and the location on the topo map. Which do you think is more correct the aerial photo or the top map building location.
  3. old 1903 topo map bldg locations on modern maps

    I noticed with using historic aerials maps and overlays the present day location old buildings and roads are about 350 feet east of the modern topo maps. why is there a difference and is there a way to locate an old home site on the 1903 topo map with the present day topo map or aerial photo?