1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Tang dynasty horse statue?

    I found this horse statue, and am having a hard time figuring if it’s a tang dynasty porcelain or not, someone with some knowledge please help! I’d really appreciate it.
  2. Horse shoe

    I found this horse shoe on our property in Kentucky this morning. Photos of it and some compared to my horses current shoes. Not sure how old it could be? I haven’t cleaned it up yet
  3. door knocker? horse related?

    found this at an old house site wondering if it’s trash or treasure? kinda looks like a reins guide but i’m not sure how it would connect Thanks!!
  4. Vintage horse salt shakers

    Good day! This is not something I dug up but rather an item one of my coworkers asked about. In cleaning out drawers she came across a pair of old, metal salt and pepper shakers in the fashion of a saddled horse. She was curious as to age, maker and any potential value. I found something...
  5. Ice Age foal discovered in permafrost with liquid blood in its heart

    Scientists have extracted liquid blood from a 42,000-year-old foal that was discovered in Siberian permafrost. The team hope they could collect viable cells that can be used to clone this extinct species of horse. Permafrost preserved the ‘oldest blood in the world’ boosting hopes of bringing...
  6. Pedal Horse Maker ID?

    Found this pedal horse at an estate sale. The horse part obviousely has been repainted, if not replaced. The frame, tires, and pedals all appear to be original. What I need help on is identifying the maker. The only marking of any kind is a "K" on the pedals. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Vintage Wool Nurse Cape - Green- Help Guess age by Waterbury buttons

    I found this old nurse's cape today. It's green with yellow lining. All wool. Excellent condition I'm trying to identify something about it from the four gold buttons that display two horses and an eagle. "Waterbury Button Co Conn" on backside Inside cloth label: Marvin Neitzel, Quality...
  8. Beaches in Mass

    Does anyone have any experience with hunting beaches in Mass? For example the Plymouth area beaches (Long beach, White Horse Beach, even Duxbury Beach). I've read all the posted rules and regs, but nothing is definitive for MD'ing. I'm aware that any beaches that are state parks/landmarks are...
  9. ✅ SOLVED Small mounted toy soldiers

    Found these two small figures while detecting a home built in 1940. They are metal (not sure what kind of metal) and about an inch tall and long. I do not know if they were game pieces or part of a collection of toy soldiers. Curious as to what their purpose was (game piece or toy), the...
  10. Old horse boot scraper

    I found this cool boot scraper at a garage sale. I paid $45 for it. Can anyone tell me if I got a good deal on it? I can't seem to find any exactly like it to compare. Thanks for any help you can give .
  11. My Garage Sale Jewelry Finds - Part 1

    Last week I went to two church thrift stores and found a treasure in each store. 1) Horse with inlaid stones and beads necklace. Not signed, however, I believe its a Lee Sands vintage piece. I can't seem to find one exactly like this on the internet to find the value so I am hoping its a rare...
  12. Information of Calavary Rosettes.

    I recently picked these up from a guy and neither of us knew much about them other than they are from horse bridles from the US Calvary. I was wondering if anyone knows how old these are and if they are rare. The little ones are 1 1/4" in diameter and are crimped to leather and the larger ones...
  13. Help on Value of these US Calvary Horse Bridle Rosettes

    Hello there all.... I recently picked these up from a guy and neither of us knew much about them other than they are from horse bridles from the US Calvary. I was wondering if anyone knew what the whole set of four would be worth about- The little ones are 1 1/4" in diameter and are crimped...
  14. CTO 10K Wings and Horse Pin

    Hi everyone, My grandmother passed away last week and as I was going through her jewelry, I found this pin. I think the cTo on the back means O.C Tanner but I could be wrong. Where is this pin from and what does it mean? Thanks for the help. - Joanna
  15. ✅ SOLVED Old Odd looking Belt Buckle? Horse Bridle? Pls help!

    Hello all, I went for a quick after work jaunt through our woods in Leesburg, VA and found this about 4-6" deep. It appears to be iron and has a sizeable weight to side of the middle piece is flat, almost as if it sat up against something. I'm thinking it might be some kind of buckle...
  16. Trash is my treasure - Pesky horse-killing nails

    I bought a used Radio Shack Discovery 3000 (see BH Sharpshooter II) on eBay a couple years ago for the purpose of locating iron nails in horse paddocks and arenas. Most horse stables/properties are located on old agricultural land loaded with trash in the ground. Nails are the worst, and can...