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  1. Connect the dots to find more gold! (How to find sweet BC gold claims)

    Hi everyone. My name is TMLonggun and I've been prospecting and learning about mining companies for most of my life. I made this video about how to easily find your own high quality placer claims in BC. The same methods apply for other areas outside Canada. I found many amazing gold claims...
  2. Gold Nugget Hunting | Strike it Rich ( The Weekly Dirt )

    This week were talking all about gold nugget hunting and gold prospecting in 2020. You can strike it rich! Have you ever wondered how to find gold nuggets, how to pan for gold in rivers and streams, where to find gold, or what equipment you need to start gold prospecting? In this episode of...
  3. Two Minutes with Two Toes

    Heavy Gravel Gary talks about what to look for in the Gravel's when looking for Gold !!!! Video Number 1 of the Two Minute series
  4. Hunting Gold Nuggets With A Metal Detector

    Two Toes ( Gary ) teaching you how to find gold nugget's with a metal detector.
  5. Some of the best metal detecting tips!

    Here are some of the best metal detecting tips given by some of the best in the hobby. If your a beginner and just learning how to metal detect I am sure you will enjoy these tips. We have Dave Wise, Thiltzy Todd Hiltz, Jeff Fisher from treasure facts, Brandon Dr. Tones 24k, Frank W Pandozzi and...
  6. Please HELP with Whites Beach Hunter ID 300 in water...

    I have no problem grounding my beach hunter and working with it in the dry sand / wet sand but as soon as I get in the water with it I have been just having trouble finding a grounding setting that will allow me to work in all metal mode and keep a consistent tone so that I can determine when I...
  7. How to make a Cell phone holder for your Metal Detector

    I don't have a fancy camera or a GoPro or anything like that, so I came up with my own solution to take footage with while out hunting. Everyone now a days owns a cell phone, most of which are capable of taking pretty could video. The problem is trying to take video of myself metal detecting all...
  8. Electrolysis- Dos and Donts

    Electrolysis- Do's and Donts Here is a link to my (failed, then corrected) attempts at electrolyis. I made some big mistakes, but hopefully you can learn from it!
  9. Utah Silver Dollar! "FIND"

    Here's a video of a silver dollar I found here in Utah! Check it out!!! How many of you have found silver dollars? Have they been in parks or at old home sites?
  10. How can you practice nugget hunting when you are not near the gold fields? Heres how.