id help

  1. Id help please

    I was detecting an 1845 sea captains house today and found this odd buckle/belt plate ??? Really no idea. It’s 2” x 1 3/4” with what looks lime forged pins. No markings at all. I would love help with this one please. Thanx also non magnetic
  2. Great trip but need ID Help

    Searched a new field with friends and had a great haul. King George 1724, pewter button, a few other dandy buttons but found one button that I haven't seen before and wondering if it is the same time period. It is glass over a gold design with an iron backing. I'll include pics with the other...
  3. Having Trouble with ID of Rock Specimin. Gold/pyrite/precious metals?

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this website and really excited to be a member. I have recently gotten into precious metal, meteorite, treasure, and fossil prospecting (more so on the precious metals at this point in time). I have read about 10 different books on gold recovery, I have watched 1000...