1. One Piece Convex Eagle Infantry Button

    Found this little beauty while recombing an area that I've been over with the ATPro at least 50X. Signal with the 800 was predominantly 12, touching 11 & 13 periodically, so right in there with pulltabs & nickels. I assumed pulltab before I broke dirt & was more than happy to see a button at a...
  2. Solid Brass Block I Confederate Infantry Button

    I found this button about a year ago and hold it as my most prized button find. I am posting here per the request of a fellow TNet Member & Georgia resident. 23mm Diameter, 9.83g. If anyone has any specific information, date, etc on this piece, I would be grateful for the information.
  3. It's been a while since I've found one of these!

    Was able to get out yesterday to a permission that I've been to twice, but wasn't really able to hunt it then due to tall grass and stormy weather. Not much on Quantity, but Quality makes up for it! This place was really a shot in the dark! After about an hour of searching, I had a .69...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Infantry Button;Circa?

    I'm thinking 1820s-1830s..The eagle's neck is what it's based on... I appreciate any & all feedback based on it's configuration..