1. Aztec Treasure!

    Hello! Here I have some peices from my grandfathers collection. I was told that they are Aztec, Pre-Columbian. If anyone could share more about these bells/rattles, rings, etc. it would be really appreciated. Also if you could appraise them, I would hate to sell but it might be necessary, thank...
  2. Need an urgent help

    Hello everybody, and thanks for paying attention. in the attached images you will see a collection of founds (for me and some of my friends) from different locations. Well we need to know more information about these founds, and as well we are interested in knowing how valuable they are ??? any...
  3. Metal Detecting: Jewelry with the Garrett Ace 350

    This video is about metal detecting with the Garrett Ace 350. If you ever wondered what kinds of treasure a park might hold then watch this video. Please look me up on Facebook and Pinterest and sub me there for more metal detecting fun.