kids ring

  1. Clad and a kids ring, good nickel count.

    At least todays hunt yielded one ring, that read out at 19 low pull-tab range. Got good nickel count. At least there was a nice breeze outside today so hunting was more fun ! Todays Trash : Todays Goodies : Thanks for checking out todays finds ! Have a great hunt !
  2. Step right up for the THREE RING CIRCUS ! ! !

    Here is all the trash that was found today in the process of retrieving the three rings ! Todays the day of the "Three Ring Circus !" Here are the three dirty rings for today ! Rings 1 and 2 cleaned: Ring 1 is the biggest silver ring that I have ever found! It is very heavy (no...
  3. Last couple hunts at the big cement pond and a great button.

    The highlight of the first hunt was the wheat penny and the crushed aluminum kids ring. Straightened that out, too bad its a no fit me ring lol ! Second hunt the best item was a 1925 Buffalo Nick ! Sure was hard to get it out of the ground, must have spent over 5 minutes extracting it...