1. teaching dowsing how to use many doubts here in the forum.

    Good evening, how to do localization of lost objects with the dowsing has some video monsters this technique because I would like to learn how to use this technique that can help me.
  2. Looking for a metal detector or associated equipment?

    If you find yourself interested in metal detecting, have questions or need accessories, do yourself a favor and go to . Bart there is quite knowledgeable and honest (not a used car salesman) and he can give you a good deal on whatever you are looking for. His prices are...
  3. Adventurous expeditions to find treasures

    Greetings everyone, This is my first post, however I will be cutting right to the chase. My apologies if by doing so I somehow manage to offend someone. My friend and I are planning to lead a life of looking for both historical as well as scientific treasures. Our scope is going to be the whole...