1. šŸ™‹ WANTED DISCOVERY Tone Mag 1A Fast Land Proton Magnetometer

    I am looking to buy or rent (or have repaired) a DISCOVERY Tone Mag 1A Fast Land Proton Magnetometer. I have one, but it has at least a shorted capacitor, which has the label sanded off. The manufacturer no longer makes or repairs them.
  2. 19th Century Plantation and What to Look For

    Treasure Hunters, Had the first hunt of the new year with my digging buddy. We found a bunch of clad coins, a little silver and our first gold find; heart shaped locket. Although we had a good day today, these days don't happen as often as we think it should so I hoping to get some advice on...
  3. Found A Site With Land Owner Information for Mississippi

    As I was looking for a way to find land owner information on a few old homesites I was interested in, I came upon this website: It has a list of different counties in Mississippi and even Louisiana. I'm not sure it has every county available though. You can use...
  4. How to find out if land has been ploughed?

    I want to know if a field near my house has been ploughed over the years?There are no visible ridges or anything.