1. teaching dowsing how to use many doubts here in the forum.

    Good evening, how to do localization of lost objects with the dowsing has some video monsters this technique because I would like to learn how to use this technique that can help me.
  2. Who is your favorite Prospector?

    There are a few people I like to watch on youtube and other video sites, Jeff Williams (askjeffwilliams.com), Rob Goreham (49er mining supplies), and Prospector Jess (hunting4gold.com) are a few of my favorites. There are more guys that I can't think of right now, like this really cool...
  3. Looking for Knowledge and experience on dredging in Sierra NV

    Hello my name is Michael and I am interested in learning how to dredge and was wondering if anyone in the CC Reno Tahoe area would be willing to accept labor for knowledge and learning. I have Sundays and Mondays off and I'm willing to assist for free in order to get a better understanding of...