1. Lenape Indian artifacts from SE PA ID

    Howdy yall, my grandfather found these in his youth, any ideas what they are?
  2. Lenape Tribe Artifacts, what are they?

    My grandfather found these back in SE PA. I believe them to be lenape tribe related. The first one I believe is a fire starter cap, the rest I don’t know. Any idea and age?
  3. Completely Intact Lenape Clay Vessel

    Hello. This is my first post to this forum. Nice to meet you all. I found a completely intact Lenape pottery vessel. I scouted an undeveloped wooded lot nearby and determined where the brook flowed before it was redirected to accomodate the housing development. After finding a dipped path that...
  4. New jersey 1st timer

    I need helping finding areas to bring my kids to look for arrow heads. I've done a ton research but I can't really find a solid place to look. I have had many finds in Arkansas but it seems New Jersey just isn't as plentiful with artifacts. I'm not asking for secret spots but just help in the...
  5. Pottery marking

    Hello, can anyone identify this pottery glyph? I know it's cut off but I thought maybe someone could connect the dots. Thx!:) good luck!
  6. 3 oz Silver William Penn Gorget with Mammoth?

    I have a 3 troy oz (92.1 g) silver pendent/gorget with what appears to be William Penn on the front and an elephant on the reverse side. Their are also many other little symbols carved into the sides, top and bottom. The symbols look similar to those that were found on the Lenape Stone found in...