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  1. Where to dredge for gold in SoCal?

    Anywhere you can use a 2' in suction dredge?
  2. re: Cache in North Long Beach, CA

    re: Cache in North Long Beach, CA Does anyone have contact in Southern California who can check this out? Seen on Twi**er: 1/5 re: Coincidence & #dirtfishing in North Long Beach - Speaking of detecting, following was seen on one of the goldpanning/detector forums ... #90805 #metaldetector...
  3. Shani Treasure Hunter, Los Angeles

    Hey!! New to treasurenet. Love finding treasures everywhere and looking to connect to people in West LA:)
  4. Need advice on dumpster diving in LA

    Hey guys! So ive recently been getting into dumpster diving ( well, watching videos) and I really want to go, but I need advice and tips. I live in SOCAL. West Los Angeles. I also need a buddy, as I am a female and wouldnt go alone at night, plus its more fun with two ppl! Looking for stuff to...
  5. The Time I Tried to Give the LAPD a Hand

    I wrote an Op-Ed article about the time I found a human hand with my metal detector and the LA Times published it! I know it's not the most exciting find, but I thought you all might enjoy. A treasure hunter, an L.A. park and the curse of the severed hand - LA Times Thanks! -Dave
  6. San Francisquito Canyon Treasure

    Anyone out there searching for gold coins related to this legend? Listed as Legend #196 in "Lost Treasures of California - Map & Guide". "Gold coins continue to be found occasionally on the Santa Clara River, said to be fragments of a treasure lost in San Francisquito Canyon during California's...
  7. Southern California (Orange County/Los Angeles County) 2 year old Newbie Needs Help!

    New here and I've been MD'ing for about two years myself, but have never ever met another person who detects or gotten properly trained. I kinda just run with it and taught myself. I'm looking for experienced people in the OC/LA area who are willing to meet up at one of the beaches or parks...
  8. New from Los Angles area New to Metal Detecting

    Hi Folks, I just started metal detecting in April. Fact is I've only been out one time to test the unit out on the beach. I started a YouTube channel also Rustys Digs - YouTube Kind of like a video diary. Also a site (not together yet) www.RustyDigs.com Would be great to find some people...
  9. Hunting In Southern California

    Hi there, I am a young adventurist type who wants to try his hands at treasure hunting and would love to find a team to help show me the ropes. I've done minimal amounts of gold panning and drudging but I'm sure there's plenty more to learn- I'm a fast learner and plenty strong. Does anyone do...