1. Not sure what they are exactly but i know its some type of crystal

    I went to an estate sale and found these sitting outside they weren't even being sold I inquired about them and told them that if they wanted to sell the rocks that were outside in the rosebush area I would give them ten bucks for all three of them this is what I got can anyone tell me exactly...
  2. Strong magnetic with no rusting...meteorite?

    There is a magnetic hanging from the rock in both pictures and it's extremely heavy. Doesn't have rust so I'm wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction to identify.
  3. MASSIVE Civil War Bullet In The Woods

    I just got back in time to post this as a "Today's Find". I went out to a wooded area with a buddy tonight that was right in front of what used to be an old house. The house has pretty much fallen apart completely now and all that is left is the foundation of the chimney. We thought that we may...