mayan artifacts


    Made of amethyst possibly? I can elaborate more on where I found and what I did and where it was and all those things if I catch some interest from some of the people on this form which I'm trying to do to educate myself further dot-dot-dot
  2. Help found at rivers edge from erosion, all copper. Serious find!

    I found in eroded Chattahoochee River by sr 166 .. The faces make me think bronze? They tink, no scratches done to it help aztec? S like clasps and bell looking things on one end.. Was it 2 peices? More pics soon
  3. Mayan Artifacts

    Hello everyone, These artifacts have been in my family for years and we would like to know if these have any value? Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. To compare in size, the square artifact is about the same size as a Nokia Lumia 530. 4inches by 3inches. Thanks!