1. Med-day (May 8th 2023)

    These are all finds that I made last evening at the 1924-capped landfill. From left to right: 1. Sharp & Dohme Baltimore Lapactic Pill bottle (hexagonal amber) "prescribed for chronic constipation and atomic dyspepsia". 2. Small Bromo Seltzer. 3. Syrup of Hypophosphites "Fellows" tonic bottle...
  2. Citrate Magnesia

    Citrate Magnesia

    Excavated Feb. 18th a tooled-blob Citrate Magnesia bottle with original Feb. 3rd 1892 Karl Hutter Patented porcelain lightning stopper.
  3. Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Finds of January 27th 1. Parker's Hair Balsam 2. Peer-Amid Re Umberto 3. Fred Schierenbeck Bottling Co. 403-405 East 101 Street. 4. One Gallon Stoneware Jug 5. A little whiskey sampler 6. Brass key