1. Where to shop Fisher F22 in South Beach ??

    Hello to all the forum !. My name is Guillermo (aka Guiyote). I would be very grateful if you can help me find a detector shop in the South Beach area. I can not use the home delivery system since the person who is going to buy it from me is rarely at home during the day. In Best Buy I was...
  2. Hunting buddies in Miami Area

    Hey all, Finally after a move from Beijing, China and then home to Minneapolis, Mn. My wife and I will be settling in Miami area after a long RV trip. We will be setting up home and shop in this area on July, 25 of this year. I was wondering if anyone with Miami beach hunting experience...
  3. What is this awsome find?

    Hello. I recently found several "coins" encrusted on a large stone at the beach, but I haven't been able to identify them though I have tried. Please help. This is the first one.
  4. MIAMI Area Newbie

    Anyone from the Miami area interested in above and underwater detecting? I have the capabilities just need the crew. Boat. Underwater Hooka. Excallibur 2.