milk bottle

  1. Rare Shell Motor Oil, Three 19th C. Blobs, & Two Milks.

    Rare Shell Motor Oil, Three 19th C. Blobs, & Two Milks.

    From left to right: 1. Willow Brook Dairy 2. Reid's Union Dairy Ice Cream Corp. "It's The Best" 3. Shell Motor Oil 4. G. Wm. Meyer 5. August Bay Bottling Co. 6. UBC (Union Bottling Company)
  2. Mystery Milk Bottle

    I found a couple of milk bottles detecting a 1920s dump area. One of the bottles is embossed WAIT. I could find absolutely no information on it. I have found several different local area dairy (Rockford, IL) bottles in this dump. Does anyone know anything of this dairy or have any ideas.
  3. Rockford Dairy Company Bottle Info?

    I found this Rockford Dairy Co. milk bottle while metal detecting an old dump site. It says sealed with an inverted 48 on the reverse side and a 27 on the bottom. I cannot find any info. on the company or any value info. on the bottle. Anybody know anything about them?
  4. Looking for a certain Ohio milk bottle

    I am looking for Spring Dairy milk bottles and caps out of Roseville, Ohio I want to purchase these if anyone has them:hello: