minelab explorer se pro

  1. Minelab Explorer SE PRO - Tips & Tricks?

    Hi Folks, So I've been at this hobby with my Fisher F2 for about 2 months now, and already I'm hooked (just found my first large cent over the weekend - which was really cool). Today I took the plunge on a much more expensive detector, and purchased the Minelab Explorer SE PRO. There is a...
  2. WI hich metal detector can detect coins deeper

    I am getting a new metal detector, I'm considering getting a ether a Minelab explorer SE pro, a Teknics T2, or a Fisher F75. Do you know which one can detect coins deeper? Thanks,
  3. Best metal detector for $1000 or under.

    I just got a $1000 budget for a metal detector. I would prefer one with a item ID that can go at least 10-12'' CONSISTENTLY!!!! on a dime. I was thinking about a Minelab explorer SE pro, are there any users of it that can tell me how deep it can go and how reliable it is. Also, are there any...