1. help ID

    Hey everyone! Just joined this forum, looking forward to chatting with ya'll. I've got this big rock on my property that looks very interesting. Haven't pulled it yet to clean/examine/crush. Can someone help me identify if this rock is made up of material that may have signs of possible gold...
  2. T

    Gold Placer observations from a gold Bullion Dealer and Federal Claim owner

    Im lucky enough to be a miner and a refiner. Dealing with bullion products and metal recycling, I also see things from the selling and buying public perspective. A lot of talk this summer was about the shortage of silver blanks to make bullion product, but that seems to easing with only the...
  3. The Miner

    (Hopefully) users will post their comments and questions about the Miner models in this new thread.. :thumbsup:
  4. Any advice for a new gold prospector?

    Ok, so i live in illinois, bad news ik... Almost no gold in illinois, even worse, im only 17 and cant travel... But recently I've caught gold fever and the idea of finding gold thrills me, i purchased a pan online and a few bags of paydirt (i know there are some people who dont like the idea but...