mining equipment

  1. What is this equipment?

    Interested in any assistance you can give me, I am an auctioneer in western Colorado and I have this equipment. My guess is a trommel and shaker screen of some sort, but not sure?
  2. Water Powered Trommel - Runs 1 Yard/Hr

    Check out this beast!! Can run 1 yard an hour, with a 1 inch pump. Hard to keep up with this machine. Water powered conveyor is in the works as well!! Hopefully by spring should have that all tuned in.
  3. Have Equipment...Will Travel!!!

    Got a claim but don't have the equipment to work it? Own property that you would like to have sampled or mined but its not "Big" enough to interest anyone? Let's talk. Visit us at The Dos Amigos Mine Operating Company - Home We have equipment and will travel!
  4. Newbie - Looking to buy personal Mining Equipment

    I live in a area that has a decent amount of dry washes with specks of gold in the wash. I am looking to purchase equipment that allows me to pan for the gold in the washes (I will be bringing my own water in large containers with my ATV). I found this lot of gold mining equipment on a...