1. Two Months, Two Morgans

    At the end of March, I was detecting a beach which had a lot of activity during the late 1800s into the 1940s. Many great coins have been found there by others over the years, but this was my first time swinging there. I was walking around, dealing with highly mineralized sand and a blanket of...
  2. Never found a Morgan

    Never found a Morgan silver dollar metal detecting but used to buy them on eBay for collecting purposes. Man do they ever feel heavy and good in your hand. Makes you think, I have some real money here. Glorious coin!
  3. We're seeing double...again!! 1683 Mass Property

    Hi gang, Talk about bizarre--the other day we found two, draped bust large cents, and today we find two Morgan Silver Dollars! I should add that John's eight-year-old son, Johnny, found the older coin on his Ace 350! Way to go, Johnny! Also found assorted buttons. The Morgans are 1883 and...
  4. Found a coin at my grandpaws house

    I found a 1889 dollar and don't know anything about coins could someone help me find the value of it or if it's real? All that was with it was a paper that said pcgs 26180690
  5. Coin collector since 99

    Coin collector since 99' Hey everyone, I'm Alex a.k.a. Mr.eX on I am currently rebuilding 3 new sets. The 1891 mint set without the gold issues, the entire Morgan dollar collection in Unc, and the entire type set. Hopefully I'll finish these sets in the next 10 to 12 years. I finished...
  6. 1880 S Morgan silver dollar Badly burned

    I have an 1880 S Morgan silver dollar that was badly burned in a unknown fire (i obtained it already burnt from my grandmother). what would the price for this be? nothing?
  7. Best CRH Morgan Dollar Score Ever? (plus a great half cull too w/ pics)

    I recently made friends with a teller at one of my banks near my job. I asked him for halves, big dollars, and any old coins or bills one day. He delivered, and gave me a some big dollars, a few 90% halves and a few silver dimes and red notes (see the post here). I came back around recently and...