1. st louis transportation museum

    the wife and I visited our two grandchildren who live outside of st Louis. we went to the transportation museum. here are some photos.
  2. Jim Beckwourth Museum and Cabin

    The James Beckwourth Museum is a well preserved 1850`s log cabin, believed to be the third such cabin built by James Beckwourth as a trading post and `hotel` in the Sierra Valley. The cabin is constructed of `V` notched logs of the type used in the area where Beckwourth grew up. Just some of...
  3. Statue Needs Help

    Dear Sir please help me identify this statue. Who is the maker / artist of this statue and when it was made ? Is it a rare item ? Thank You
  4. Caspers request for photos

    Casper's request for photos In reply to Casper's request for photos on: NOTE: click on picture to see full size - especially the bottom photo.

    Please check out the following photo....artifacts lost by museum........