1. MUSKETBALL #5 - French Charleville musketballs and other calibers - NC

    A faint signal turned out to be a 5th musketball located on a militia campsite in northern Wake County (Wake Forest/Rolesville area) of NC. Interestingly enough, when the musketball was being excavated from the hole, out popped a small triangular arrowhead made of rhyolite. That was a nice...
  2. My first GOLD Button!

    This ranks as 1 of my top finds for the year/ever. I've never found anything gold or gold plated but what a weekend we had. We hunting a big private farm here in northern Carroll County, MD. I think we may have stumbled into a possible Civil War camp but we need to go back and spend more time...
  3. Early Indiana Site 1800 - 1850

    Some recent finds from an early site I've been hunting for nearly a year. HH, ~Indiana Digger~