mystery coin

  1. ✅ SOLVED Mystery Coin

    Hello, I found this coin in Western Europe. It is around 32mm (1.26in) in diameter and is made of bronze or copper. I have looked through coins from all over the European continent and can't seem to find a match. It probably dates to the mid-late 1800s if I had to guess based on other finds in...
  2. Mystery Roman Denarius

    I found this coin in western mainland Europe. I know it's a Roman Denarius but I don't know the emperor. I think it might be Elagabalus but I don't know for sure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Mystery Chinese Coin

    I found what looks to be a Chinese coin all the way in a field in Luxembourg. It appears to be made of Bronze. I'm assuming it dates to somewhere in the 1800s judging from other Chinese coins I've seen online but I can't be certain. Any help is Appreciated. Thanks!