1. Ship nail?

    Hello to all First post, found this old nail today using a mine lab. Few inches down in a washed out sand dune. I’m on the treasure coast of Florida, but this was not particularly close to any of the 1715 wrecks. Found it next to bathtub beach in Stuart FL. Anyone have any insight into it...
  2. Could this be a railroad spike or is it a nail of some kind? Or is it something else?

    :icon_scratch: Found it at cabrillo beach in San Pedro
  3. ✅ SOLVED Railroad Nail???......

    Dug this up near the roots of a rather large cedar tree that was behind an old house. At first I thought it was a railroad nail but after doing a little research it doesn't look like it has a big enough head on it.....oh well, better than pull tabs! Let me know if you can help!