1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old Anchor identification (16th century French settlement)

    Wondering if anyone can help identify this anchor. It was dragged up fishing 40-50 years ago in the area of St.Lunaire/Griquet , Newfoundland Canada , there have been discoveries of Vikings and French dating back to the 16th century . Trying to find out the origin of the anchor and its possible...
  2. Royal Newfoundland Regiment hat badge from WW1

    I found this special relic a couple days ago on a field in a abandoned settlement. It is one of the best things I ever dug out of the ground. :icon_thumright: Here's the video where I found the badge:
  3. Glorious Newfoundland large Cents Found At Old House Property/ Field

    Hey guys check out this video I made from when I dirt fishing a hidden house site and field in the woods. I love finding largies; I find them everywhere here in Newfoundland! :blackbeard::icon_thumright:
  4. Complete Pocket Watch, Silver 5 cent piece, large cent!

    Hello guys. I found a new field in the woods and it was one of the best I've ever been on so far. Here are the good stuff from the "new" field: a complete pocket watch( my first!), a 1912 Newfoundland 5 cent!, a 1913 Newfoundland large cent, a lamp part(?), and a few odds and ends. Super happy...
  5. First Silver of The Year! Plus some relics and coppers! Video!

    Hey guys, its been over a year since I posted anything on the site mainly because of the lack of finding stuff and well...winter. Haha. But the last week or two I've been finding things in and around old potato/veggie gardens in good ol' Newfoundland. Here's a video I made because I decided to...
  6. Found two Newfoundland Large Cents in two days- 10 years apart!

    Hey guys! This is my first post of the year. So far, 2016 is looking good for finding Newfoundland one cent coins! Haha! They are found in almost every field/building site that existed before confederation that I have been detecting to. Most of these areas are within walking distance for me...
  7. Newfoundland Regiment Button

    Dug up this Newfoundland Regiment button. That's a first for me! :icon_thumright:
  8. 1942 Newfoundland "smallie"

    Found this excellent conditioned Newfoundland small cent today. 8-)
  9. 1880 Newfoundland "Largie" :)

    This was the first Newfoundland "Largie" I ever found.:blackbeard: I love this coin especially the condition.
  10. A Newfoundland "smallie"

    I don't know what is more common: the small cent or the large cent. I found this 1940 Newfoundland small cent. It is the same size as a US/CAN penny. Usually, they come out of the ground in a rough condition; but this one is in the best condition yet!
  11. My favorite finds of 2015!!!(so far)

    1865 Newfoundland largie :laughing7: 1917 Newfoundland 25 cents :headbang: 1880 Newfoundland largie 8-) Well preserved picking tool. :icon_thumright: 1864 French centine :headbang: Silver plated pocket-watch back? :award_star_silver_2 1907 Newfoundland largie :icon_thumleft...