ohio valley

  1. Ancient Ohio Stone artifact?

    Hello, the other day while walking along an undeveloped valley's secluded creek bed (a small tributary to the West Fork Mill Creek in Hamilton County Cincinnati OHIO) I came across this. At first I thought it was a large cephalopod or horn coral fossil, but after picking it up and looking closer...
  2. Arrowhead or tool

    FouND in carlisle ky along licking river Creek 5 miles from Blue licks state battlefield park
  3. Hawk Pipe .... mid-ohio valley .... real or fake .... Help Please

    Hi, I'm Richard Anderson from Huntington West Virginia. I'm a professional firefighter by trade but my day off job is conducting estate sales in and around the kentucky, ohio, and west virginia tri-state area. I ran across this piece yesterday while setting up an old house in Ironton Ohio for...