1. New to the game ( Southeast Mississippi)

    I'm new to prospecting and was wanting to know if anyone out there knows if there have been any finds in southeast Mississippi. I heard that Alabama would have a better chance of getting some color but still wonder if we're missing some here. I panned my first bucket of earth today and didn't...
  2. Hi All. I have some Q. I am new here

    Hi @all. I have a few questions. Back when i was little maybe 5 years old my grandpa took me once on gold prospecting just for fun. I really like it unfortunately i never did go again. So it´s been really long time, 15 years i think. So any way. I am reading a lot for Gold Prospecting and all...
  3. new member from ashmore illinios

    hi everyone looking for some one in my area to hunt with metal detecting an gold paning