1. Vintage (Antique?) Pearl & 14k gold screw back earrings

    Pearls are 8mm each. Thanks! (Brand new to this forum - happy to accept advice/instruction on process and etiquette!)
  2. Pearl Grandfather Clock - What is it / what's it worth?

    Hey all - First-time poster! I have this mint- condition Pearl Grandfather clock that I'm trying to confirm the value of as accurately as possible. Pictures below, here are additional details: Condition: Used, very good / mint Authenticity: All original owner's manuals, service records, and...
  3. Pearl Grandfather Clock Weird Tick

    Hello Folks, So I recently bought a Pearl Grandfather clock. At this moment it does tick tock but it sounds a bit weird. 2nd It doesnt chime every quarter to the hour, Is this something I can fix? 3rd I am missing the screw that holds the 1st and 2nd hand into the clock. Where can I buy...
  4. The Pearl Ship - Any active searches?

    Hi all! I'm back again looking for treasure hunters or historians specializing in The Pearl Ship. I would love the opportunity to speak with anyone actively searching for the ship & it's treasure. This is again, for a popular travel adventure TV show :) Apologies in advance if this post...