pennies cent coin hunting

  1. Ryedale thgouhts on results and updates?

    i purchased a ryedale as I have access to a lot of boxes of cents. This is my first post and i am new here. I was wondering if you would like me to update you all on how things go. i was thinking making an excel file with what bank was purchased from, wheats, pounds of copper, and anything else...
  2. Newbie question

    I Just recently started CRH and am addicted, so far, i have only been doing pennies, as I heard it is the highest payout. Is this true or are half dollars a better coin to do. How many rolls does it take y'all to get a silver half dollar? I have been getting 25-33% copper and 1/3 of rolls have a...
  3. First (and only) Months totals!!!

    (If this is the wrong place to post this tell me) I have only been crh for about a month or so and though I should post my totals Cents 1909 x1 1913 x1 1914 x1 1917 x2 1919 x1 S x1 1924 x1 1928 x1 1935 D x1 1936 x3 1937 x4 1939 x1 1940 x3 S x2 D x1 1941 x4 S x1 D x2 Also Found 1 almost...
  4. Selling Pre-1983 pennies for more than one cent

    I just started looking through pennies and I've separated the -1982 from the 1983-2013 because of the high copper content in the Pre-1983. I know they're worth 2-3 cents a piece but I don't know where to sell them to get that much.