1. Blue that looks pink in the light?

    Found this last night just before the sun went down. Its weird transparency is interesting to say the least? Anybody have info? I would appreciate any comments or input!
  2. Garnet? Or?

    I've never seen a rock like this- although I'm also very new to rock hounding. The picture doesn't do much justice, the rock is actually very pink/ red- couldn't get the lighting right. The outside is waxy like and inside is coarse. What are your thoughts? Also, I live in Connecticut- if that...
  3. Beware: Pink 40%ers; Almost dumped silver yesterday!

    Yesterday was a wake-up call for this novice half-box searcher, and should serve as a warning to not always depend on edge checking for silver (as many have stated on here before). I was doing my first box of the day yesterday, and I found one measly 40%er that was very light pinkish and worn...