1. Knob stuck. Can't Open XP Pinpointer to charge

    I've got an M-4 Pinpointer. I'm trying to open it to charge it--but the knob is stuck. Anyone have any advice on getting it opened? Thanks.
  2. Equinox 800 pinpointing function and handheld pinpointer question

    Ok, on some occasions the 800 pinpointing feature was off by about 8". It has happened enough that I don't think the fault is always mine. So wouldn't it be nice if we had a handheld pinpointer that when you held it vertically it would locate precisely a coin sized target 9" - 12" deep. Now I...
  3. garret pro pointer

    hello i have been looking around for used garret pro pointers for around 100$ but they have all been sold. If anyone has a used pro pointer they want to sell i will buy it. please leave a comment and send me a message.