1. 🙋 WANTED Metal detecting club patches

    I collect metal detecting club patches and dealer patches. My goal is to get one from every club. Probably impossible but fun to try and I need your help. If you can get me one from your club I will mail payment to you along with a self addressed stamped envelope. All you would have to do is pop...
  2. ✅ SOLVED "GIA" Pins.

    Hi there! I recently came across these pins and I can't find any meaning for the acronym "G.I.A" that makes sense. Also, in the bottom picture, the letters C, L, F, P, and H are each on a point of the star. Perhaps another acronym? Finally, there is nothing on the back of the pins except an...
  3. What are these 10k pins from?

    I acquired these pins. They are marked on the back 10k with 3 more letters but I cant make them all out. Anyone have any idea what they are from or represent, and if they have any value. Any info is much appreciated.