placer claims

  1. Placer Gold/Mining tracts for sale - CO

    Found this while I was searching for land up in CO -,31;13,12;23,16;268,6843;407,20038319&px=50000&r.PSIZ=5%2c&sort=PR_A Here are the screenshots: Here is a description from one of the 80 acre ads: This is a legally registered, 80 acre...
  2. "Beware" New Mexico Gold Claim on ebay by Allsgolden or Goldseekr77

    "BEWARE" I recently purchased a gold claim on Ebay from Goldseeker77(Raymond Gruene). Two weeks after I purchased the claim, I saw it re listed. I had paid at auctions end. I contacted Goldseeker77 and for some time got no response. Eventually he contacted me and stated it takes time to make the...
  3. Staying Overnight on River Placer Claim 24/7????

    Can anyone tell me rules for staying on your placer claim 24/7 if you will be working the claim everyday?? Is it legal to do so??? Thanks for your comments!