please help

  1. Found arrow head in the creek bed near my house

    I found this I the creek bed while digging and I 2ant to know if it's real. It looks like ic3 age type stuff to me. Pics with flash on and off and a quarter to size.. this was found off old highway 100 in Haralson County, Tallapoosa, GA. USA
  2. TreasureMaster going Bananas?!

    My machine has new batteries. It was all over the place though, reading from 0-90. I don’t think it was just the ground because even when I held the machine facing upward toward the sky it kept doing it. I also tried putting my depth settings lower and it kept acting crazy until I put it on ‘1’...
  3. Found it New Mexico

    Hello Everyone I was using my cheap meddle detector when I found this. Its 1 1/4 diameter, I think its tin or copper not sure. Thin and kind sounds thin when you drop it. Has like a hinge or something above the harp like it was cut for something. Let me know just curious.