port royal

  1. Help Needed...Robert Marx, Port Royal, 8 Reale

    I've been collecting artifacts from Robert Marx's excavation of Port Royal and bought 2 coins from a reliable source. He said he purchased them directly from Bob Marx. While I was reading through his books, I noticed that one of the coins I purchased seemed to have been used in several of his...
  2. Jamaica / Port Royal - Sunken Treasure?

    Hi hunters- Currently looking for leads on undiscovered or legends of treasure from shipwrecks in/around Jamaica. I know Port Royal is the hub with underwater city-is there more work going on in Port Royal? Also if you know of an expert on the subject, would appreciate a referral! Thanks...
  3. Help!! Robert Marx, Port Royal, 8 Reale, COA!! Real(e) or fake?

    Ok, so I'm new here, (and very excited to join the community,) and was hoping for someone with experience on this subject this to share their opinion. I just won a really, really awesome piece of eight supposedly recovered from Port Royal by Robert Marx, and I have a few concerns. Before buying...
  4. Old Fairgrounds and Racetrack in what used to be Perryville, PA (NOW PORT ROYAL, PA)

    Anyone have any information on the old Perryville Fairground in what now is Port Royal, PA? The fairgrounds were there in the early to mid 1800's I believe. I remember seeing a rough drawing of a map of it in a book but cannot find it anywhere. Any information is much appreciated. Thank you!